Month: April 2017

Colour Swatching[Ben]


Looking at colour themes for our website and animation design – a lot of bright colours, I’m aiming to replicate coloured paper vibes and Emma said she dug the pallet so I’m rolling with it. This is obviously just a starting point and more colours will be added as we go but it gives an initial feel for a lot of what we’re working towards.


Animation Examples[Ben]

In researching relevant animation these videos caught my eye and helped me understand the true problem that needs addressing, not that paper itself is the problem but rather the sheer amount of paper we use across the globe. I feel that the Minus One Project Video has a similar kind of aesthetic to what we’re going for and I felt it was an effective animation and video. Personally I don’t think for our video we will need a voice over. The first animation does a good job in explaining a lot of information on a globalised scale.

Mood Boards[Ben]



These boards give an idea of the feel and aesthetic of the graphic style we discussed going for. Focusing on two dimensional designs with screen printing and paper cutting styles that link back to our subject matter – that of paper waste.

Initial Brainstorms

In the first class, we both looked at waste as our theme for our project and from there began to look at different kinds of waste. We ended up focusing on food waste and paper waste and brainstormed ideas on both.




Class Collaboration

In class, we worked together and did some quick mock-up sketches of the kind of things we wanted to do in both a=our website and animation. We also came up with a list of key illustrations/images we would create for our work and then use these different elements to create scenes, backgrounds and icons within both aspects of the assignment.


Initial Mood Board [Emma]

This mood board is a collection of illustrations, websites and infographics that are related to our paper waste project. Both Ben and I previously discussed visual elements why likes and what kind of illustrations/aesthetic our work is going to embody.

Initial Ideas – The illustration style we like is very flat images. Either in the style of screen print and hand drawn or paper cut out to link into the paper theme. The colour pallet would also be very simple neutral and clean.


Interesting Animations [Emma]

This first video is probably the top video out of the five I found. The aesthetic and the way the animation utilises sounds instead of music is extremely effective. It makes you listen and pay attention to what’s actually happening. We both also really like how through many different cross cuts and switches between destructive things, it builds tension and makes the final point more resounding.

This video I liked more because of the different animation aesthetic. The animation is three dimensional unlike most information graphics and is what makes the video memorable and interesting. The voice over isn’t particularly effective and quite jarring.

This video is a campaign video, much like what we are trying to do with our small action big change assignment. The ideas within the video are quite closely related to the ideas we are trying to approach in our work and gives us an idea about what kind of things to put into our animations.

This video utilises measurements in a very different way to the other videos. It takes quite large numbers and puts them into an easy to understand format using familiar sizes. eg. “Americans discard 4 million tonnes of paper every year, enough to build a 4 meter wall across the country.” Measuring things in this way not only makes it easier for people to understand, but also pushes the point of the animation into peoples minds.

This clip isn’t so much an animation but I just liked the way the font is placed around the video and makes the words and the point, much more definite.