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Animation Static Frames [Emma]

Whipped up some still frames for the animation to sit on the front before people hit play…


Website Elements [Emma]

These are some website elements such as the background, parallax scrolling bar, and individual icons. All were made in photoshop with sourced images and drawn illustrations. The intention of all of these is to liven up the main body of the site and make it look interesting and exciting, not just a website with a whole lot of text.

These are all individual elements used throughout the website: (you can’t see it on this post because the background is white but each image has a white trim around the edge to give it a paper cut out look)

These are the Page backgrounds and parallax scrolling header designs:

30-sec Storyboard Revised

After having critique and talking with the tutors we have revised our storyboard and come up with a beginning and changed some of the ways we have made transitions with imagery. Boards drawn by Emma.


Exploration of colour [Emma]

For critique, we printed out our website design and pinned it up on the wall, when we had we realised that the colours used for the design were very washed out and didn’t make the impact we wanted. Thus I¬†have explored different colour ideas and created some different designs that we could look at using in our website.


Refined Wire Frames [Emma]

After critique on Thursday, I went back and developed on the website design and took the whole thing further. I also incorporated our new design style (collage) into the work and created something that was going to work well with the animation designs we have been working on.


Collage [Emma]

After class on Thursday Ben and I looked at the work we had presented for formative and found that it wasn’t hitting the note quite like we wanted. The illustration wasn’t as impacting as we wanted it to be. So, keeping in mind our theme, we wanted to explore the idea of collage for imagery and see what kind of things we could create for our site and animation. As a test of this idea, I did a quick collage that included illustration and images.